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Autonomous Solar Plant

Design and installation of the backup system


Bolero solar plant

146MW of power

This plant located in Sierra Gorda, Antofagasta, is composed of 475,000 photovoltaic modules. The plant is connected to the national electrical system, but the offices have a 22kWp off-grid photovoltaic plant.

Inverter System

4 in parallel, 20kW

This inverter system powers all the loads of the operations office at the Bolero power plant.


Battery Bank

12  200Ah Batteries

Power support to operate at night and in conditions of low solar radiation.

Tests and verifications

Voltge waveforms

Pure sine wave stability check.


Initial Verification

For project filing before the aothorities (SEC)

The facility must be verified according to a protocol established by the SEC codes in order to be declared a new indoor facility and be approved for operation.

Documentation for TE1 processing

SEC permit processing

Each electrical project requires filing paperwork with the SEC for registration and approval. This process, depending on the case, may require blueprints, engineering logbooks and initial verification documentation, among others.

Doc TE1.jpg

Field Team

Execution and commissioning

This type of project requires, in addition to field technicians and engineers, the presence of a risk prevention specialist and the appropriate logistics for operation in demanding environmental conditions.

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