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Energy Monitoring and Management

Hardware and software development


Hardware design

Communication and control platform

The development of prototypes to test components and formats of mechanical support began, along with carrying out the communications and robustness tests.

Hardware V1.0

Designed in Chile, Made in China

This version allows the assembly of communication equipment for energy management at customer monitoring points.


Equipment Assembly

Module manufacturing

The first units were mounted in waterproof boxes for outdoor installation.

DIN rail-mounted design

plug & play equipment

System design for installation in existing boards with DIN-rail standard for quick assembly and commissioning.

Modelo Boldo monitor.jpg
Captura de pantalla 2023-04-19 163446.jpg

Test Module

Integrated remote metering unit

For a quick installation of the test module, a unit with a built-in meter was integrated. In this way, it was possible to carry out an agile deployment of the monitoring system.

Tests and Configuration

Field deployment

Commissioning of monitoring equipment on customer dashboards.

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