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Small consumptions subsystems with means to self-supply


Enel Microgrid Demo

8kW with storage

Demonstrative concept to test different backup and energy management functions and evaluate commercial traction in clients.

Residential Customer Pilot

Hybrid system with backup

A hybrid system with backup in an Enel customer facility was tested.


Regulatory Assessment

Workshop with players from the energy ecosystem

The oportunities and obstacles presented by the legislation to develop microgrids were evaluated. Work was based on the distribution subsystem regulatory figure.

Financing for Working Group

Awarded by Corfo

The team obtained financing to continue the regulatory analysis around Microgrids and their application in Chile.

Modelo Microred.jpg

LV-MV Microgrid Model

Projected for islands or condominiums

Model evaluated for its application in Islands or condominiums that require a continuous supply with several different energy sources and with a backup system that ensures continuity.

Tariff analysis

Financial sustainability for microgrids

Study performed on request by investor developing an 80 unit microgrid.

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