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Photovoltaic Projects

Net billing mode


Floor-mounted Solar Power Plant

254kWp installed

Electrical assembly, connections, start-up and permit filing of the Las Lomas photovoltaic plant, Peralillo.

Switchboards and Inverters installation

Grid-connected systems

Electrical system designed to be connected to the customer's consumption network. It must comply with the code requirements, currently RIC, RGR 02 and NTCO specifications.


Plant in Commercial Warehouse

40kWp of installed power

Roof-mounted, with adequate accesses and conduits for its maintenance and operation.

Technical Stepways

For roof mounting

Required in installations with powers greater than 30kWp. Life lines and hermetic assembly are required to ensure safety and maintain the watertightness of the roof.


Centralized IR Protection

For plants over 100kWp

This protection is required in plants with more than 100kWp that have several inverters. The protection monitors the electrical variables of the network, preventing the plant from operating connected to the network in anomalous conditions.

Means of Safe Access

Safety Ladder

Required in facilities with access to structures at height and with powers greater than 10kWp.

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