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Mobile Power System

Design and implementation


Containerized version

200kWh of energy 100kVA of power

Conceived for festivals and massive events, it was the first format implemented, requiring heavy logistics for its transportation.

Tow Format

100kWh of energy and 50kVA of power each

Redesign of the transport format, which allowed greater ease in the deployment effort.


Full Chassis Construction

Mobile system design and manufacturing

Built on chassis with double suspension and inertia brake.

Equipment Assembly 

compact design

Detailed interior design was required to accommodate the equipment and secure interconnection, including a refrigeration system.


Tow Carts in Operation

Mass event - energy for stage

Outputs in 63A three-phase and 16A single-phase.

Budweiser Cart

medium events

Trolley with lead-acid batteries, 10kVA, designed for activations and medium events.


Lithium Batteries

Use of high performance LiFePO chemistry

Batteries with great depth of discharge capability and extended useful life, as well as excellent safety and power features.

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