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Social network to share wireless energy


Wireless Charging System

App enables interaction and smartphone charging

The system was installed in cofee shops, malls, public transportation and restaurants. Charging can be done with the Qi wireless standard or wired fast charging.

Charging with Chispers

Mall Plaza Food Court

Wireless, or wired, charging allows users to stay connected when they need power on the road.


Module for Public Transport

Installed on Redbus Line Buses

This charger model made it possible to deliver a solution in public transport, where more than 3.8 million people travel daily.

UX and Testing Workshop

UX Dev Center

The development and UX team met periodically to evaluate the developments and discuss the steps to follow in the evolution of the application.


Design to Enhance the UX

Rapid prototyping with digital tools

The different use cases require different charging devices, which were designed and prototyped to test their effectiveness and asses user adoption.

Manufacturers and Developers of Wireless Standard

Travel to China and Taiwan

To participate in the Qi wireless charging standard development conference, in addition to visiting device manufacturers, I traveled to China and Taiwan, where I was able to learn about the latest developments in this technology.


Mall charging court

Users recover energy in public space

This charging zone allows users to recharge while they rest or work. It is an island to recover energy, where the user experience in the recharging system and with the physical interface was tested.

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